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Unlocking the marine mosaic through environmental assessment and education


The background experience and recent work undertaken by Sea-nature Studies is outlined here in a brief summary.

Sea-nature Studies is an independent, sole-trader, marine environmental consultancy, begun in April 2001 and based in Cornwall. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Biology, and have worked for over nine years as an aquatic biologist. My focus during that time has centred on the marine environment and more specifically on biological communities found in soft sediments. My involvement has spanned both baseline and impact assessments in estuaries, near shore and offshore, shallow and continental slope, areas. The majority of this work has been in UK coastal waters but I have also undertaken survey work in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. In addition I've carried out freshwater biological surveys in rivers and reservoirs. I have an M.Sc. in Aquatic Resource Management from King's College, London.

My main strengths are in the identification of aquatic invertebrates and the translation of this information into an accessible and scientific assessment of the habitats in question. Prior to setting up my own business I was a senior consultant with BMT Cordah Ltd, a Scottish based environmental management consultancy. My involvement with BMT Cordah Ltd was on the technical/reporting/project management aspects of sublittoral soft sediment macrofaunal marine surveys.

Sea-nature Studies has undertaken work for a variety of clients involving a range of work, examples of which include biotope mapping of intertidal communities, a saltmarsh survey on the south coast of England and the enumeration and identification of 450+ macrobenthic invertebrates from a set of Shetland Isles samples.


Lizard Penninsula, near Mullion Cove, Cornwall

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