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Unlocking the marine mosaic through environmental assessment and education

Environmental Assessment : Identification

Sea-nature Studies has years of experience which, in conjunction with the resources outlined below, enables both the accurate identification of macroinvertebrate fauna and an efficient turn-around of benthic samples.

Client BMT Cordah Ltd, 96 samples sorted and identified to species containing some 50,000 individuals and over 550 taxa including 200+ species of polychaete, 100+ species of mollusc, 120+ species of crustacea, 15+ species of echinoderm and 50+ species of bryozoa (2002).

Client BMT Cordah Ltd, 42 samples sorted and identified to species containing some 22,000 individuals and over 450 taxa including 160+ species of polychaete, 110+ species of mollusc, 90+ species of crustacea, 15+ species of echinoderm and 40+ species of bryozoa (2001).

As required external quality control checks can be built into contract agreements.

Resource material


The majority of the taxonomic literature built up by the Oil Pollution Research Unit (OPRU) in Pembrokeshire now forms the backbone of reference material for Sea-nature Studies.

Voucher specimens:

Around 50% of the voucher collection begun by OPRU is now in the care of Sea-nature Studies. This includes species collected from survey work in the North Sea, the Shetland Isles, the Outer Hebrides, the Scottish west coast, the Medway estuary, Southampton Water, Portland harbour, the Wirral, the Fylde coast, Whitehaven, Cork harbour and internationally from the Caspian Sea and the Ivory Coast.


Binocular: Wild Heerbrugg M3
Compound: Nikon Labophot - 2


Lizard Penninsula, near Mullion Cove, Cornwall

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