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Unlocking the marine mosaic through environmental assessment and education

Marine Education

Sea-nature Studies has almost 10 years of experience in the communication of complex ecological data on the marine environment and this in combination with a post graduate certificate of education gives Sea-nature Studies a unique platform from which to present marine information.

Sea-nature currently delivers a one-off lecture on 'marine environmental monitoring of the offshore oil industry' to the tropical and coastal resource management MSc students at the University of Newcastle.

Perhaps you need to communicate the findings of a study or report but do not have the time to pull together a presentation? Sea-nature Studies could translate such information into a powerpoint presentation complete with supporting notes and supplied on CD-ROM for you to deliver or upload to your website.

So whatever your place of work, if you require similar input or output on environmental education in these or related subjects then do email or call to see if Sea-nature's skills and experience fit your needs.

In the future Sea-nature Studies hopes to develop educational products to aid the exploration and understanding of the marine ecosystem. So please do watch this space.

Sea-nature in Cornwall:

Onchidella celtica (Cuvier, 1817) - the celtic sea-slug


Lizard Penninsula, near Mullion Cove, Cornwall

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